At Diezel Electric Power Ltd we make use of superior quality materials and cutting edge technologies in our production process. All Electrical power control systems and panels offered by us are appreciated for their features like, low maintenance, high efficiency, easy installation and user friendly operations. We are capable of coordinating the entire process from concept to completion through creative invention and innovation engineering technology.

Our designed brands are demanded in both commercial and industrial sectors.


Using the latest in web-based technology and highly skilled and experienced engineers and design personnel.

We handle:-

Complete design package
New built electrical control system design (AC and DC)
Refit/ upgrade Electrical Engineering designs.
Auto synchronizing and load sharing panel design
Distribution board and starter control panel design
Alarm and monitoring system design
Generator control system design.
Electrical power generator, protection and distribution design
High tension and low tension power connection
Transformer installation ( step down and step up)
Ring master unit (RMU) power panel installation
Electrical drafting service.
Automatic Transfer Switch Control Panel Design


Diezel Electric Power Ltd employs highly skilled service technicians who can quickly identify electrical problems, troubleshoot the problems to get our customers back online. Diezel Electric Power Ltd has trained and also qualified electrical personnel’s That are certified for electrical control power designs, construction and installation; high and low tension power connections; installation of all types of power transformer and maintenance of all standard.


Technological advancement, technical precision, extensive controls and massive distribution systems often define industrial projects. Based on this fact, from low and high voltage substation to high specialized production process, Diezel Electric is always ready to offer quality and durable, easy to maintain power control systems installations and maintenance of generation units in industrial setup.


Diezel Electric Power Ltd is the trusted name in the construction and installation of any kind of traffic signals, street lights and solar light system control panels. We work to city required standard and install to specifications even on roads, of cities with heavy and complex traffic flow. Our designs are of international standards and are better seen and experienced than heard.


At Diezel Electric Power Ltd we believe pre-construction is one of the keys to a successful project execution. We see upfront, which creates better opportunity in planning for future, by which we always stand better to assist our customers in controlling and or mitigating costs. We provide energy usage optimization and energy efficiency review services to new and existing industrial buildings and project sites. These advantages result in our ability to provide competitive bids, meet strict deadlines, stay within budgets, and coordinate the most difficult projects with a variety of other jobs / trades.

We employ the widely accepted DESIGN AND ENGINEERING PRACTICE (DEP) in design, construction, installation and project upgrades which ensures any third party inspection acceptance.